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Anti Corona Troubleshooting

The current crisis has not only impaired foreign trade processes, but also threatens to turn the overall business situation into an existential problem if the measures adopted continue.

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In order to counteract this in good time, we have dealt very intensively with the crisis management that is now required, prepared ourselves accordingly professionally and offer you our expertise to stabilize your situation.

Our support can be provided either through online consulting, in webinar form or with the help of our individual interim management during downtimes.

Please also forward this info to the managers responsible at your company for company-specific decisions.

Our service

We offer fast and effective solutions for the following topics in the form of consultations, application procedures or webinars:

Foreign Trade

  • Import/export failures (e.g. due to delivery failures)

  • Deferrals (taxes, customs duties)

  • AEO authorization (documentation of basic, economic stability)

  • Consequences under contract law (delivery failures/ recourse)

Interim Management

  • Sickness absences

  • Import/export processing with your IT systems

  • Project continuation

  • Support and handling of company audits

Liquidity / loss of sales

  • Business analysis / crisis measures

  • Evaluation of short-term liquidity solutions:
    — Tax deferrals
    — Short-time work models, applications
    — Federal and state support loans

Education and training

  • Individual webinars (2-4 hours) instead of inhouse training/workshops

  • Learning videos

  • Learning @ home

Our services:

  • Gateway to EU

  • Project management

  • Corporate Compliance

  • Interim management

  • Consulting

  • Trainings

  • Unique accounting

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