Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)

Seal of reliability and safety

The AEO (Authorized Economic Operator) is a central element of the EU security concept and includes a reliability check under customs law.

In the Union Customs Code, the AEO regulations form the basis for granting customs simplifications.

The AEO status certifies the company’s reliability under customs law and international security. The AEO can thus be described as a seal of quality in international competition.

Two different types of AEO:

Both types may be applied for a single or cumulated use.

3 steps for receiving the AEO authorisation:

1. step

Internal preparation

  • Audit and analysis of the current status

  • Work out the target status and the resulting list of measures to be taken, as well as required trainings and workshops

  • Conception of a general guideline and to-do-report for required changes and adjustments

  • Creation of working and process descriptions to prove your internal organisation of all customs related processes

2. step

Application procedure

  • Execution and support during the entire application period

  • Support for filing the required application forms and self-assessment questionnaires

  • Communication with customs in case of further inquiries

3. step

Monitoring + audits

  • Support in case of customs checks/audits

  • Training to execute internal audits

  • Checks and controls (Monitoring) for compliance with the required AEO obligations

  • Regular audits of your relevant AEO-processes

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