BREXIT effects

Adjustment of Trade Compliance
(customs and foreign trade organisation)

The UK’s exit from the EU took place on 31.01.2020 with a withdrawal agreement (= regulated Brexit). By concluding a Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) as of 01.01.2021, the future economic relations between the EU and the UK have been regulated.

Companies should now be aware of the new TCA treaty provisions for the restructuring of trade with the UK starting from January 2021, as some organizational and operational measures are required.

The extent of the process adjustments to be considered depends on the individual trade relations and operational processes in goods traffic/trade with the UK.


The effects of the BREXIT require an actual/target analysis
within the company in order to be able to
  • Plan for increased time factors in logistics processes as well as in customs clearance, origin determination and documentation, and export control.
  • Plan for additional costs in the context of import duties and securities for possible customs debts, storage costs or service provider costs, and
  • Evaluate risks from an origin and tax perspective; and
  • Plan further market access requirements such as quality assurance and risk analysis measures.

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